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Embrace the Journey

It seems like a lifetime ago that I started this blog. When I started it, I struggled with finding a name that fit what I was trying to do with it. I simply left it as Untitled. At the time I felt like this was a fitting title for the blog as it sort of… Continue reading Embrace the Journey

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A very special dedication…

I would like everyone to check out this very talented photographer, Salma Mansour. I happen to know this lovely lady personally as she's one of my closest friends. But, I promise you this is not why I'm dedicating this post to her. I absolutely love her photos. I steal them and use them as screen savors,… Continue reading A very special dedication…

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Chinese Lanterns and more…

I have not been keeping up with my goal of posting weekly. Life sure has gotten busy. Between balancing school with two jobs and an internship, I barely have time to get everything done each day. However, I can honestly say that I can make it on three to fours hours of sleep each night… Continue reading Chinese Lanterns and more…

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It’s Finally Here. 

A dream of mine has finally come true. My first published piece came out in the November issue of Ohio Magazine. This article is all about an upcoming art exhibit in Zanesville, Ohio titled, American Modernism, Urban Realism, and The Eight. The paintings feature artists who depicted what life was like in America during the  early 1900s… Continue reading It’s Finally Here. 

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The Tea Lab.

Slightly different from previous food adventures, The Tea Lab was a nice addition to my Food Adventures list. This cozy little shop is located in the E. 5th Aracde in downtown Cleveland. They also have another location in Lakewood. The Tea Lab offered over 120 varieties of tea ranging from Chocolate Cream Truffle flavored Rooibos… Continue reading The Tea Lab.


When Cultures Connect — Into My Wild

In my third month of service here in Peru I decided to leap into what I had been asked to do the second I got off that Combi and arrived to my site…..teaching English. As a Water and Sanitation Volunteer I wanted to stick with the WASH goals my first few months in site butttt […]… Continue reading When Cultures Connect — Into My Wild

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Tropical Flame.

  This is one of the Food Adventures on our list I was most excited to try. Now, for those who don't know, Muslims only eat meat that is Halal. This means that the animal was slaughtered according to Islamic guidelines. It is not very common to find quick places to eat that serve Halal… Continue reading Tropical Flame.

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A Great Start

Today was my first day of my Editorial Internship, and it was fantastic! Both the Editor and Assistant Editor I met with were so nice and super helpful. Just by talking with them you can tell they had so much knowledge in the field and had great advice to share with myself as well as… Continue reading A Great Start

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The Wheels are Turning

The ball is rolling and the plans are in motion. It's funny how just when I feel stuck in life, going through the same motions everyday something big happens. I am so excited to say that I have been awarded a Fall Editorial Internship with my current job, Great Lakes Publishing. I am so incredibly excited… Continue reading The Wheels are Turning


A Small Step in Big Adventure.

In keeping with my new life philosophy, I am taking a small step which will hopefully be a big step in my life and professional career. As it is my dream to become a Writer, it really is about time I start making some moves towards that. During an unexpected meeting with a work colleague,… Continue reading A Small Step in Big Adventure.