Finding the One

Confessions of a Stylist

I have been working with brides for years, helping them to find their perfect dress. I have seen it all. From brides crying when they find the perfect dress to bridesmaids quitting. This is what I know about buying wedding gowns.

DO take a shower and put deodorant on

There is nothing worse than being stuck ina fitting room with a bride that has done neither of these things. Puttinggowns on and off is more work than you think and while we do keep the stores ata cooler temperature, you are going to sweat. So, let’s do all we can to befresh and clean. Also, while you’re putting on make-up in the morning, keep itlight. Your full face will end up on the dress. No matter how careful you are.Trust me, it just will.

Do wear underwear

Trust me. Just do it.

Be honest about what size you are

Most stylists will ask for a general rangeof what size pants/dress you wear. Do not lie to your stylist. They do not carewhat size you are. You are only setting yourself up for failure if you tellyour stylist that you are a smaller size than what you are. It will only bemore embarrassing when they have to go back to the floor to pull bigger sizesfor you because the size you stated you were clearly doesn’t fit.

You will be beautiful on your wedding dayno matter what your dress size is. Focus on how the dress feels on you ratherthan what the size the tag says.

Do make the appointment all about you

I have time and time again, seen a bride come in with every person she has ever talked to in her life. Too many people at your bridal appointment will be overwhelming for you. Everyone wants to have a say about the dress, most of the people will not know anything about bridal gowns and will offer you suggestions that are either a) impossible or b) will not be beneficial to you. 

While we are on the subject of you, DO NOTlet your bridesmaids try on dresses while you are shopping for your perfectgown. Having bridesmaids running back and forth showing you different gownswhile you are trying to decide on your own, is actual chaos. More times thannot in these instances, everyone walks out with nothing. This is why there areseparate appointments for bridesmaids.

Do not feel pressured

We have all been there. Shopping for a new car, house, or new furniture set and that overzealous sales person on their fourth cup of coffee, keeps insisting you buy this and if you don’t, you’re life will be over. Honestly, selling is our job. This is how people in sales make money. But that is not your problem. Do not let anyone be it your stylist or your family pressure you into buying something you don’t absolutely love.

Be open to suggestions

It doesn’t matter if you go to a bridal boutique or a mega corporation, we know the dresses and the accessories better than we know ourselves. More importantly, we have seen them on every shape possible, paired with every accessory, and every colour combination. Be open to what your stylist suggests, chances are they know what they’re talking about.

These are tips and tricks straight from astylist. We have literally seen everything. Trust this advice and you’ll be onyour way to the gown of your dreams.


2 thoughts on “Finding the One

  1. MashAllah sis I am Glad U enjoying your Stay and in the Uk. Its Ur IG friend. MashAllah welcome sis to the Uk. Ps always love reading ur Bloggs, U have a way with words may Allah bless U with his Mercy, Guide, protection and Forgiveness, Also Unite U and ur Spouse in Goodness and Give you a Blessed life Long happy Successful Marriege, with Luaghter, Frienship, on times of hardship each others strenght and in times of ease each others joy Ameen Ya Rabb. Fee amaani Allah.


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