Fab. Fit. Fun.

I usually never do product reviews like this, and to be honest whenever I see them I think people must be being paid for promoting such and such item. But, I can honestly and truly attest to this statement, the FAB FIT FUN boxes are absolutely worth the money, and I’m not even getting paid to say this! I have been going back and forth with buying the box for months. Then finally, I decided “Just try it once, and you can always cancel the subscription if you don’t like it.”

I’m sure you’ve heard the motto, “More than $200 worth of products for $50!” It’s true, I was able to use a first time coupon and get $10.00 off my first box (which is still available for first time subscribers) and a few short weeks later I got my winter box in the mail.

I was super excited when my box finally arrived. I was so happy to find it was filled with full size luxury products. Kate Somerville exfoliating scrub, AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream, warm fuzzy socks for these cold winter days and a coffee mug that speaks to my heart! These are just a few items, but you also have the ability using the FAB FIT FUN app, to get detailed information on each product and it even tells you the retail price of each item and what the total value of your box is. Mine was valued to be over $300!

You also gain access to to exclusive offers on products, dozens of online workout videos, magazines, and the option to add-on personalized products into your box, all at the price of $50.00.

I will certainly be keeping my subscription to this box and recommend it to everyone!

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