A Different Step

You may have known, or maybe not but I recently took a position as a Travel Agent. This was a completely new and different avenue for me. I always had a passion for travel and dreams of exploring the world. Moving into this position was a little scary, as I had no travel experience except for my own travel (mainly trips around the United States).

The first few months were rough. There was so much to learn and was a little overwhelming at first. You know the world is huge, but you don’t ever think about all the places and things to do within the world. While I did not learn all of these and I certainly do not know them all know, I like to think I have a better grasp of what’s out there at least. Not only trying to learn all of this, but there were also new computer systems to learn, more vendor training videos than I can count, and other basic functions that despite, their being deemed “basic” were not so much so.

But, after three months of training and with the help of fabulous co-workers who have been patient with me and all million of my questions, I have finally graduated! I booked my first tour yesterday, and put together a vacation package for a family traveling to Universal for a few days and then spending a few more days in the Bahamas (I added an extra ticket for me to go to the Bahamas too…ssshh)!

To celebrate, my manager decorated my cubicle in “Congrats, Grad” attire and now I am ready to take on real clients. While I still feel slightly terrified of taking on clients, I think I’ll be able to handle it and be able put together great vacation packages for them!


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