As fun as the name of this downtown spot sounds, is as fun as it is on the inside. REBoL is located in the newly renovated Public Square, in downtown Cleveland. It’s modern look on the outside gives just a taste of what to expect on the inside. With inspiring quotes on a colorful wall along with paintings of famous people, it is hard to settle your eyes on one thing.

REBoL offers organic, vegan and vegetarian options along with water that is served through a reverse osmosis machine and purified ice. There is also a choice of organic sodas. There are signature REBoLs as well as build your own options. I explored the build your own menu and came up with the tuna, jasmine rice, broccoli and bok choy drizzled with REBoL’s homemade BBQ sauce.

Whether you’re just passing through downtown looking for a quick bite to eat, or in search of a fun new food adventure, REBoL is an option you’ll want to try.