A Small Step in Big Adventure.

In keeping with my new life philosophy, I am taking a small step which will hopefully be a big step in my life and professional career. As it is my dream to become a Writer, it really is about time I start making some moves towards that.

During an unexpected meeting with a work colleague, I realized that I can start now. I can start writing now and I can start applying for writing jobs, now. What am I waiting for? I think all this time I was just afraid of putting myself out there. Afraid that my writing wouldn’t be good enough or that even scarier, I wasn’t good enough. But no more, this is my dream and I must pursue it or spend my whole life wondering what if.

So, my small step is that I created a professional website dedicated to my writing. This is going to help me in turning my dreams into real life happenings. Check it out and let me know what you think!



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