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Feed the Hungry 2018

As Muslims, it is our duty to give charity and help those in need. Not only to those suffering around the world but also those in our own communities. There are so many people that are going without the basic necessities of life. There are so many people that are going days without eating, that… Continue reading Feed the Hungry 2018


Fab.Fit.Fun Comes in for the Win

I recently wrote a post about my winter Fab.Fit.Fun box. I have continued my subscription and the summer box has been my favorite so far. I'm sure you have all heard the pitch, "Over $300 worth of products for just 50 bucks!" Sounded like a hoax to me but then I thought, "What the heck,… Continue reading Fab.Fit.Fun Comes in for the Win

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Feeling restless…

It hits me about this time every year. A sinking feeling that another year has passed and I wonder "What have you done with yourself this past year?" I sometimes minimize my accomplishments, pushing them off as not a big deal or something that just has to be done. But on my journey to a… Continue reading Feeling restless…

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Ramadan Mubarak!

As you may know, today marks the first day of fasting for Muslims around the world. This month we refrain from food and drink during the daylight hours. Yes, we are hungry. Yes, we are thirsty, tired, and if you're anything like me suffering from severe caffeine withdrawal. ( I would easily be on my… Continue reading Ramadan Mubarak!

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Unique Ohio Weddings

Finally! Finally! Finally! My wedding feature is finally out. This year I had the opportunity to cover Unique Ohio Weddings for Ohio Magazine. This story featured three very different brides with three very different venues and how they each made their day special, all the while showcasing what breathtaking venues Ohio has to offer future… Continue reading Unique Ohio Weddings

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Fab. Fit. Fun.

I usually never do product reviews like this, and to be honest whenever I see them I think people must be being paid for promoting such and such item. But, I can honestly and truly attest to this statement, the FAB FIT FUN boxes are absolutely worth the money, and I'm not even getting paid… Continue reading Fab. Fit. Fun.

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A Holiday Favorite

Everyone knows the story of Clara, her magical Nutcracker, and the Sugar Plum Fairy who lives in the Land of Sweets. I had the opportunity of interviewing art director, Edwaard Liang from Columbus' own BalletMet, and got a look into how they are performing the Nutcracker at the Ohio Theatre this holiday season. Check out… Continue reading A Holiday Favorite

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It's funny to think this time last year I was working as an editorial intern while juggling work and school. I cannot believe how fast time goes by. Last November, I was working on a feature for Ohio Magazine that was all about unique wedding venues in Ohio. This was such a cool experience as… Continue reading Memories

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Cincinnati Choo Choo Show

I cannot describe how amazing it feels to be able to do something that you love. I recently started working at Ohio Magazine as an editorial assistant and it has been incredible. Even in these few short weeks I have learned so much and really feel like I am making strides towards my dreams. I… Continue reading Cincinnati Choo Choo Show

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A New Step in Life

It can feel like nothing new and exciting is happening in your life, then all of a sudden everything is happening at once. I am super excited to share that I have accepted a position as an Editorial Assistant. It seems like a lifetime ago I was writing snippets for blogs here and there, wondering… Continue reading A New Step in Life